Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Asia Square looking pretty awesome!!

The whole bldg seems very classy, but visitors to the offices need to submit their identification cards and then your card is used to activate the opening of the security turnstile as well as calling for the office lifts. This can be quite embarassing for the ladies if they don't want people peeking at their age.

They got a lot of nice food at their Food Garden on level 2 (open to public) including a Tripe-O's burger joint....its the same chain as in Hong Kong's Exchange Square.

Asia Square is set to feel a bit like Exchange Square becuase there's also a few bars on the ground floor, one is called The Bank. And there's lots of nearby new cafes and coffee shops!

I've promised myself I'm going to get out of the Sail and hangout more at Asia Square and MBFC!